Stuff be comin' slowly...

2008-09-21 22:08:01 by Conlor

Well, I just looked through My Documents and saw that I have 4 freakin' Flash projects going at once, all of them I've been working on periodically. Thats 2 games and two animations people. Guess I've been working a bit more than I thought. All of them will probably be a ways away from completion, but hey, it's a really good start.


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2008-09-23 16:50:31

Good to hear.

Conlor responds:

hahaha...didn't know you still visited my page. The Ridicuil voiceover is about done, and I'm gonna start animating it. It's funny; I even got the guy who does the Jim cartoons (look under my favs) to do a sample.